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HELIOS Pear Halves in Light Syrup Can with 840 net grams

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Premium quality pear halves in light syrup carefully cut and packaged to preserve all their flavor and properties, ready to eat anywhere or to combine in delicious desserts.

  • 1 shrink-wrapped Tray of 12 units of 850 m
  • 1 Europallet with 60 shrink-wrapped Trays of 12 units of 850 ml
  • 1 Truck with 28 Europallets with 60 Trays each Pallet in Total 1.680 Trays 12/850 ml

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Information of manufacturer


Data sheet

Brand Helios
Container Easy Open Tin
Format 850 ml
Weight 840 g
Drained Weight 480 g
Country Manufactured in Spain
Government Liquid Light Syrup 14/16º Brix


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