The customer acknowledges knowing, at the time of placing the order, the particular conditions of sale indicated on the screen (name, component price, weight, quantity, color, details of the products, etc.) and expressly declares to accept them without reservation . The execution of the order and its confirmation by the client materialize the full and complete acceptance of the particular conditions of sale, only applicable to the order. 


The descriptions of the products proposed by CONSERVALIA  SL on its website are exact, and are based on the information provided by the brands and / or suppliers of the products. All the data included in each product file and / or in its photograph have a purely informative function, therefore, CONSERVALIA  SL declines any responsibility for the appearance of errors in said information, although it is committed to take all the measures within its reach. to correct as soon as possible the aforementioned errors or omissions after having been informed of them. 


Here are 3 Payment options: 

1. Credit card. 

2. Paypal.

3. Bank transfer.

At the end of your purchase, you will always receive a confirmation by EMAIL, as well as information on when your order has arrived. Review for the last time all the data and the articles you want, verifying that everything is correct. You should read the conditions of purchase and accept them (making sure you have understood them). 


All the prices of the products are in Euros and include taxes. 


Orders will be supplied by the courier company. The delivery times will be from 2 to 7 Days Depending Destination.

Delivery times are computed on weekdays - Monday to Friday - since the courier company does not deliver on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. The owner of this store is not responsible for the malfunction of this service. 


The buyer will receive the order at the address provided for that purpose. In case there is an error in the consigned address, CONSERVALIA  SL declines all responsibility, the buyer should contact the buyer directly with the courier company to provide the correct data of receipt of the order and, where appropriate, assume the additional expenses that may have been caused. The customer is responsible for the collection of a package not delivered to home or not delivered due to absences in it. In these cases the courier company will leave a notice of collection of the package with which you can withdraw in the office corresponding to the locality or district. The user who receives the order will reject any package that arrives open. The recipient user is committed to ensuring that there is always a person available for delivery, or for the rapid removal of the merchandise from the courier company. The recipient user is responsible for the collection of a package not delivered to the home, except in the case of causes beyond the control of the customer itself and which can be attributed to the courier company. If the merchandise is damaged, the recipient user must notify it immediately. CONSERVALIA  SL will not be responsible IN ANY CASE for customs taxes of any kind (tariffs, special community taxes or other taxes) that may be generated in shipments outside the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands and / or the Spanish State. Therefore, if they are generated, they will be charged to the buyer user. 


CONSERVALIA  SL establishes the following detailed return procedure below: The buyer will have a period of 7 working days from the time of receipt to notify the return of your order or part of it. This notification must be generated by sending an e-mail to CONSERVALIA  SL In the e-mail you must specify the product code, the buyer's data, the contact telephone number and the reasons for the return. CONSERVALIA SL will provide a return code for the parcel company pick it up from that moment, the buyer has a period of 3 calendar days to return the returned products The product must be in perfect condition and with its packaging and labeling original. The return can not take place in any case if the products supplied were manifestly object of use, or if the wrapping of the brand has been violated in any way. You must not present deeds, stickers or packing tape. 1. The product must keep all the accessories with which it has been served and are specific to the brand. 2. The return number must be clearly written on the outside where the shipping address is indicated. 3. The return must be made through the parcel company contracted by CONSERVALIA  SL for that service. 4. The product must be in perfect condition and with its original packaging and labeling. The return can not take place in any case if the products supplied were manifestly object of use, or if the wrapping of the brand has been violated in any way. You must not present deeds, stickers or packing tape. If it is a return, FOR AN OUR ERROR, when sending a different product to the one requested or for receipt of said item broken or in poor condition CONSERVALIA SL assumes any transport cost (this cost will not be assumed in the case that when making the change, you want to add new products to the package, since it is considered a new purchase). In any other case of return (not motivated by our error) the transport costs will be borne by the buyer user; As soon as the return is received, the purchase payment will be made (not counting shipping costs) through the payment method used. 


To resolve any questions you have about your order, about these "CONDITIONS", or make any claim, return or suggestion, you can go to the following email address: info@conservalia.com. This e-mail address is protected against spam bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


CONSERVALIA  SL reserves the right to modify, limit or cancel the "CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE" or the "GENERAL CONDITIONS" at any time and without prior notice, by incorporating the new conditions on the website. The "CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE" and "GENERAL CONDITIONS" applicable will be those in force at the moment of CONFIRMING the comparison made.  


The obligations set forth in these "PURCHASE CONDITIONS" as well as the provisions of the "GENERAL CONDITIONS", shall be binding, both for CONSERVALIA  SL as for every user who CONFIRMS the purchase and sale of the products of this website, constituting the "GENERAL CONDITIONS SALE" the purchase contract valid and applicable between the parties. 


We inform you that the information you provide will not be transferred under any circumstances without your express authorization. And will be treated within the current regulations on data protection, Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data. (LOPD) They will be included in a computer file called clients. The function of collecting this data is to be able to prepare a budget, inform them of our services and products of our company. And by signing this form you are expressly accepting the receipt of them, by any means of communication. The consequence of not completing this form properly would be that you would not have access to our services or promotions. The person in charge of said file is CONSERVALIA  SL with CIF B-73375719, with address for the purposes of notifications in the Carril de la Condesa street, nº 58 - 11th floor 30010 Murcia. We inform you that your data will not be transferred to any other company. 

We inform you that your data will be transferred to companies of the group CONSERVALIA  SL with CIF B-73375719. You have the right to receive an answer to any question, query or clarification that may arise from this form. You have the right to access, opposition, rectification, cancellation, of your personal data, by writing to the above address or by email to info@conservalia.com. All your data will be definitively removed from our database for the following reasons: 1st - at your request. 2nd - when they are no longer necessary for the purposes that led to their collection.